Wig Female Middle Point Big Wavy Long Curly Hair Headgear



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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 50 cm


Product information:

Product color: black

Product model: WW3-1B#

Product material: high temperature wire

Product length: 60 cm

Product packaging: white card bag

Inner net: interwoven net is also called rose net or chrysanthemum net (comfortable, good air permeability, adjustable size, good tightness

Packing list:


Chemical fiber curly hair hood*1


Do you accept OEM/ODM orders?

Yes, Smooth Wig is a hairpiece manufacturer, we can help with your product and branding needs. Our experienced branding department can asist youwith product logo, and package design In addition, we can customize your hairsystems according to your hair system designs.

Smooth Wig has an inventory of many pieces of hair systems with multiple base designs (lace, skin, mono, etc.) and over 50 hair colors that are ready for immediate shipment. By working with Smooth Wig, you can provide a fast delivery service to your customers without the need to overstock.

Please contact us to get access to Smooth Wig wholesale price and support from an exclusive sale representative.

Yes, Smooth Wig is currently running a dropship program for small business owners. Even if you do not have many initial funds, you can still start a hair business with low risks.Contact us to apply to be our dropshipper.



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