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On a spring day in 2014, TheHiveSoap was born in a bustling city in China. Our founding team, composed of a group of entrepreneurs with an infinite passion for beauty, shared a dream: to provide high-quality and diverse wig products to customers worldwide.
Our story began with a chance market research. We discovered that although there were numerous types of wigs available in the market, there were very few that were truly of high quality and diverse in style. This prompted us to create a brand focused on wig research and innovation.
From the very beginning, we prioritized quality. Our wigs not only needed to look natural and beautiful, but also ensure comfort during long-term wear. To achieve this, we established multiple manufacturing factories in China and used advanced technology and high-quality materials to produce each wig. After countless experiments and improvements, we finally launched our first batch of products in 2015.
Over time, TheHiveSoap has gained recognition not only in China but also globally. Our product line has gradually expanded from basic styles to a diverse range, including medical-grade wigs designed for chemotherapy patients and trendy styles for fashion-conscious young people.
By 2023, our annual sales have exceeded $50 million, making us a leader in the wig industry. Our products not only hold an important position in the Asian market but have also successfully entered North America, Europe, and other international markets.
TheHiveSoap’s story is about dreams, quality, and innovation. We always believe that everyone deserves the right to make themselves more beautiful. In the future, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality wigs so that customers worldwide can find their own beauty.


Do you accept OEM/ODM orders?

Yes, Guloor Hair is a hairpiece manufacturer, we can help with your product and branding needs. Our experienced branding department can asist youwith product logo, and package design In addition, we can customize your hairsystems according to your hair system designs.

Guloor Hair has an inventory of many pieces of hair systems with multiple base designs (lace, skin, mono, etc.) and over 50 hair colors that are ready for immediate shipment. By working with Guloor Hair, you can provide a fast delivery service to your customers without the need to overstock.

Please contact us (info@guloor.com) to get access to Guloor Hair wholesale price and support from an exclusive sale representative.

Yes, Guloor Hair is currently running a dropship program for small business owners. Even if you do not have many initial funds, you can still start a hair business with low risks.
Contact us(info@guloor.com) to apply to be our dropshipper.

If you are interested in providing any images, videos for commercial use, please kindly contact us at info@guloor.com.
If you are interested in becoming our writer, please kindly contact us at info@guloor.com.

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